Wiped Away Tears

Man can defeat the Will of God, and burn the world.

               Commandments tattooed on skins, but no mark on the soul.

               Bottomless pits and hellfire don’t dissuade what they want

               And seek and from drawing of sharp knives to kill.

               We do what we do, no matter what we say.

               We do what we do, no matter how we pray.


               A heaven, where God’s own Son would wipe away my tears.

               Where the light was forever, and life was everlasting, all was love.

               I would be holy and justified, and leave my corruption in the old earth.

               I would be holy and warm, never again to fear or hunger or thirst.

               Jesus would be with me, and we’d all be equal in his favor.

               Why is it here, though, that I fear those that believe?


               Up on the roof with a bottle of not all sacramental wine,

               Watching the stars above, cold and out of reach, like angels.

               My heart swells for love for a woman, and love for the world,

               And my soul feels empty and washed away, even as I pray,

               For what is love and the wonders of creation, if all Holy Children

               Come to burn it’s face, and all that could have been?


               What was the meaning of His Dream?

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