No Safe Place

No safe place, the demons are entwined

               In the bricks and pavement of buildings,



               They are entwined in the DNA of flesh

               And the ether of spirit, in all things that

               Make us mortal.


               They are in friends faces and thoughts,

               They are in their smiles, they kind touch,

               Which can so easily turn into a fist.


               They are in this world, in this rock and sky,

               And the grass and the wind and the sea,

               In the hunger of prey and predator.


               No safe place, love is just blackmail

               To not upset or call out or cry

               When they betray you.


               No safe place, love is violently enforced

               Silence, to not contradict or speak up

               When the Trusted Ones hurt you.


               No safe place, love comes in fists

               When you are NOT AS THEY WANTED!,

               NOT WHAT THEY TOLD YOU TO BE!


               No safe place, for god looks away,

               Maybe makes a pretty blossom or bird,

               But does nothing useful.


               No safe place, for the demons are in

               You too, in your dreams and desires

               And hungers.


               No safe place, because you will

               Do unto the others in your own life

               What was done to you.


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