In The Warmth, In The Sky

Naked, side by side in a swelteringly heated hotel room.

               Dim light, the city outside the window, as fat, wet

               Snowflakes fall.


               Her hair short and tight, her body lithe, her breasts

               Small, rolling mounds. Her breath is slow, even,

               Her eyes bright and flushed.


               I trace a slow finger over the ridges and valleys

               Of her skin, at the strength and wire in her

               Slim frame.


               Like angels. We are keep above and apart,

               In warmth in the sky, behind glass that

               Can’t let in the sun.


               We enjoy winter, being safe from it.

               Days and nights of just us, and all

               Other things taken care of.


               We do not touch now, or hold hands

               Or cuddle, lovers at a distance,

               Sharing the bed and hope of sleep.


               It’s almost Christmas, and we are alone

               And together, and not of this earth.

               Our dreams are as silent as the grave.


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