Diadem of Devotion

White diamond, silvery light, diadem of devotion.

               No Iseult, no tragic burning hearts, no love potion.


               Spending time, knocking back beers, a winter rain.

               My love was ruled by the moon, growing to wane.           


               You hugged me tight, my hope for a soft night grew.

               Not my family or blood, but you freely said I love you.


               My wings, circumcised and hobbled, wiped away your tears.

               I placed that diadem upon your head, queen of chasing fears.


               I can call you up in my head, but I can’t feel your embrace.

               I can see the warmth in your smile; in this year it is out of place.


               I made you queen, because you were all I knew of love, that season.

               You’re gone and all time is wasted, to hold to you I have no reason.


               But I do. Oh my god, I do.


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