The Prayer Of All I Left Behind

I see her, on the TV in this sports bar,

               Tall and lithe and strong,

               Haughty and proud and sure,

               Like God’s favored angel.


               Her smile is bright and sharp,

               And her light cuts mortal flesh.

               Eyes that know what there owed

               And what you will give to her.


               Yes, an angel, above earth,

               Not touching the ground

               As she wills her body and motion

               Into holy and pure grace.


               Pure and holy from hammering

               And breaking and tearing away

               All that was not the angel within,

               Earning God’s favor with devotion.


               A country girl. A child of the river

               And the water, from the steppes

               Golden and distant from dark streets

               But within wishing distance of Eden.


               I love her, and I adore her, watch her.

               I watch her, but can’t bear to see her,

               With the light that cuts my face open

               And demands my abased devotion.


               From a place like her, a dream given

               In sacrifice in honor, while I went

               To the somatic chambers, let my

               Devotion wither to guilty words.


               She is the prayer of all I left behind.




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