Noise Of The Day

The first cool of Autumn, her hoodie on, hood hiding her face.

               Her happy and loyal mutt walking beside her, distracted by so much.

               The neighbhorhood is quiet, a soft dew, an orange haze with sunrise.


               Calm, for a moment, a morning walk to fill her lungs with clean air

               and feel whatever charms nature offers in a cramped city,

               and to feel like it’s not all noise and agression and anger in the world.


               She goes back to her apartment in the spilt up Victorian house,

               and puts her dog back inside, tearing up as her cries after her as she leaves,

               knowing she’ll be alone when she goes onto campus, and the noise of the day.


               Walking down the street, Ayers Tower dead ahead down the street,

               she tries to quiet her thoughts and her heart, before the crush of people

               and the sounds of the world drown out her peace, until she’s home again.


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