We Are Perfect, And We Are One

A meadow with tall, yellow grass.

A wide open blue sky above.

I am young again, a child, a boy.

She is waiting here for me.


Her long, chestnut hair in braids.

Her white Sunday dress, her Mary Janes.

She is smiling, mischievous, wild, free.

We are going to play. Going on an adventure.


We run hand in hand through the tall grass.

Laughing, as we float up into that blue sky.

Untethered from earth and gravity, from him.

We fly over the meadow, forest, weightless.


We touch the earth again, on moss, pine needles.

A grove of pines, a grey rock, open to the sun.

She pulls me, and I am awed, fearful, elated.

She turns back to look at me, smiles so brightly.


The light is holy, and loves us, and will be so warm.

The light is bright, purely white, and makes us shine.

The light is all I was promised as an innocent child.

The light is all none of us could ever be.


We go into the light, and it raises to the stars, galaxies.

The celestial infernos that made us, the dirt that bore us,

And all the things wonderful and sweet in a dreaming state.

We are the stars, shining on our world, showering dust.


And we are one without something without a name,

Something endless and breathing of life and love,

The light beyond the purges and demiurges and cruelty,

Past all of him and his tricks and vicious lies of blood.


Here, me and her are perfect, and we are one, whole.

The dirt cannot muddy our hearts, the madness break us.

Only the starlight, only the breath of life, and our innocence.

Love that reaches into all the sky, all the earth, and to the dark.


And then we slip away, back to the meadow, to the world,

The world past all darkness and all that broke us, me and her,

When we grew from children into adults in the world of matter

And human darkness, and the whims of him, and those easily tempted.


We lay silent, side by side, holding hands, holding onto this paradise

As the vision and the dream and the warmth and second chance

Fades away from us, and the demiurge perversion comes again,

And I am alone, and cold, and afraid of all the world, and myself.


I lay in my bed in my room, and wish I could find again,  her here,

And make a tiny kingdom, a one room heaven, a shard of Eden,

And make a place for ourselves, when all that is best of us,

Could grow again, and our light could keep us warm, as all goes black.



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