Waters Divided

She is naked in the water, in this hot August, after the fall.

               Her hair is a train, like a mermaid’s tail, tightly in thrall.


               Waters blue and clear and warm, finds God without breath.

               She finds Genesis in whispers, resurrects it with a little death.


               The sea that God kissed to make a womb and a flawed giver.

               The sea is in her, and a more intimate kiss may in her deliver


               Another flawed shard of heaven, with the blood of hell calling.

               In the water blue and clear the armies of heaven are falling.


               God moved over these waters and the night was pushed aside.

               And the sun is turning away, with stars as bright as heaven is wide.


               She comes up to the surface, as the war of light ends with the moon

               Coming to see his lover the sun fading away, in a sweet, bittersweet boon.


               The lurid light of sunset fades away and the stars come, bridesmaids

               To the moon that watches the birth and the sorrows in which it trades.


               She turns to shore, and she sees her man, sitting, drinking wine,

               Unsure if they are happy, crossing the Rubicon or draining the Rhine.


               She swims, knowing what is coming, knowing on it’s a change, but not how.

               She remembers dancing with him, so wrapped in paradise, kissing his brow.


               In the morning the sun will rise, the stars and moon unable to touch the sun.

               In passion and in love and in lost comes waking life, perfect peace forever undone.



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