Hockey Night

I buy you a teal beanie at the merchandise stand, on the way in.

               Your favorite hockey team, the crowd and cheers, feeling real again.

               On the walk to the stadium, the sky was clear and filled with the stars.

               Walking arm in arm, laughing, happy again, celebrating love that’s ours.


               The home time fighting for victory, for pride and glory, for the cheers.

               The team we’ve cheered since childhood, and even in these dark years.

               You hold my hand and squeeze it tight, roar out as we score for the win.

               We jump and cry out, the hope and chance for victory seemed razor thin.


               We walk back, pumped, your face flushed from happiness and the wind.

               I don’t want to let go of your hand, or look away, after The Devil tried to rend

               You away in the depths of the cold, and the worm tormenting your mind,

               Trying to make you think it would all be better if you left this world behind.


               I can’t believe how happy you are now, in this moment, in this time together.

               Warm and jubilant and full of wonder, even in this bitter and stark weather.

               The darkness only goes into remission, always around the corner, a hidden knife.

               But we can face it, and still find the starlight in the night, as husband and wife.


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