Touching The Stars

All these castles of alabaster and stone, touching the stars.

               All those monuments to her grace and beauty, rival the sun.

               All these gardens and rivers cold and deep and full of darkness.


               The sweet dreams of kisses as our feet left from the earth forever.

               Of seeing her wings open, her become light, and not just hurting flesh.

               Of knowing that this summer night is forever, and we are one in heaven.


               The visions of crystal palaces and lurid galaxies and romantic tenderness.

               In my head that put on the page, my tribute to all her wonder and love,

               Echoes of all the adventures I wish we could have, in some far away sky.


               They are just stories to her, stories she loves when I show them to her,

               And praises my talents and the visions I can show her inside her mind,

               But I can never tell her, that they are the bricks of the temple of my devotion


               The dreams of the things I wish we could say and do and be, forever.

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