Sweet and Harsh Brandy

Sweet and harsh brandy, harshens her lips, her kisses.

               She sits on my lap, legs wrapped around my waist,

               Half filled tumbler in her hand, with that high end booze.

               Her skin is warm, feverish and moist as she touches her

               Head to mind, her long silky, dark hair closing out the

               Fading sun, the fading light, the fading world and all hope.


               The roads in front of the house, the porch where we are,

               Leads out of this town, but not out of this world, not back Home.

               No more cars go down it now, no more trucks going down

               To Atlanta or Birmingham, it all slipped away in greed and fear.

               Her lips are hot and hungry, and I pull her tight as stars come

               And there is touch and there passion and there is us, as it all burns.


               I lead her by the hand into the house, closed in dark and sweltering.

               We walk up the stairs to our shared room, no one around to stop us.

               The ice in her glass clinks, and she hums that song we knew as children.

               We close the door out of habit, undress, still stifling even in nakedness.

               She puts down the glass as we make love, forget all is lost, all is well.

               Afterwards I bury my face in her dark hair, and let that starless night fall.



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