The Stardust Lovers

Lithe beauty, long dark hair, candy colored heart shaped sunglasses.

               An angel carnal and proud and lighter than air, with the light of salvation.

               We could fuck the sun to supernova, to a blinding bang that swallows life.


               In the blue, clean waters of the swimming pool, we are free and weightless.

               Bodies touch underwater, between worlds, and we rise above to kiss

               And swallow the stars in the last spark of innocence before night falls.


               Making love in her room, me her supplicant and attentative acolyte.

               She wants all the energy the stardust lovers gave me in eternity.

               I want the dreams she fills me with, the forces of purification.


               After, she sits naked on the bed, drinking red wine, mussed and perfect.

               I lay on my side and watch her, glowing in the fire of the star, newborn in me.

               Hers is brighter, and will shine forever in the heavens. I will fall away as night comes.


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