The Keeper

The players were far away from her, on the other side of the field,

               Where she stood watch as keeper, staying vigilant, staying wiry, ready.

               Her team in red fought for a goal, against the others in yellow, just as fierce.

               It was blood and sun mixing in the sky, as the sun faded from the sky.


               And now they were coming back, the blood chasing the light at morning.

               She, The Keeper, got into her crouch, into her battle pose, into the fight.

               The sunlight was coming, threat and dream, and made dark by circumstances.

               The ball, the thing she must not let get past, the though she must not let enter.


               The yellow team player kicked the ball hard and she, The Keeper, caught it firmly.

               Her hands stung through her gloves, and her heart raced with fear, but it’d been stopped.

               The ball, the demon, the dark thoughts and the serpent fears gnawing at roots of her soul.

               She must not let them get past. She must not lose. She must stop them all, forever.


               She, was The Keeper.


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