Your Light Casts My Face In Shadows

Your light casts my face in shadow,

               Blotting out the stars, leaving the scars.


               Your eyes are on the sky, not on my sores.

               Looking up at the sun that is only a mirror.


               Love is blind, can’t see the tears shed in private

               When you can’t conceive that I might have been struck.


               That had holds you, so it must hold the world, not crush it.

               A fist is coming your way, but you think you’re protected.


               That hand holds you, so it must touch your face, but it fall

               And it won’t draw you near when The Children burn you.


               So, my shadows grow and your light chases hope of warmth.

               My feet touch the ground, but you just float with a thought.


               Love is deaf, cannot hear the cries of the ones your seek to correct,

               So I don’t speak, and go on to another world, one without you.


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