Summer Unbroken

A group of young girls, teenagers, laughing,

               All wrapped in pretty black coats, colorful scarves,

               Hats knitted by doting mothers, who worry over them.


               They laugh and gossip, so free and bright, touched by

               Lust and desire and the rollicking hope of a wild time,

               But still sweet and untainted by this damnable world.


               Sumner, a girl I once knew, ships passing, but I thought

               It would be the sun that shone in Eden, in a lover’s paradise,

               Just me and her, just us and the sea.


               Once I was like those girls, young and absolutely free,

               Free of the past, free of damnation, free of true death

               And the stars turning their backs on me forever.


               And the young girls play at angels, flirt with demons,

               And know the bright side of the night, summer unbroken,

               And I wish them all the joy these few years can bring.


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