Indifferent Empresses

The dust came from the sky, killing all it touched,

               And soaking into skin and earth forever.


               A war he fought, but demons get hooks in skin,

               And eyes that looked away, come back home too.


               And I came, years later, happy as a child, so bright,

               But his demons became mine, stole the sun.


               And I see stars at night, but they too turn away,

               And the moon has spurned me, leaving me to weep.


               I make castles of crushes, build kingdoms around

               Indifferent empresses, just to feel warmth.


               Dreams, when my thoughts bleed, and tears come,

               And I’m at war with everything inside me.


               He came home, the dust in his skin, one with him,

               And it became part of mother, and me, all tied in burning.


               The dust burned away innocence, and become The Devil that is me,

               And I feel the seas of paradise drying with my burning eyes.


               And I see her, with her brand new child, a child happy and free,

               But no child will I call down to this world, even as I even her and the child.


               The dust is in me, in my brother and sisters children, all with burning demons.

               I end the line, no child will I give to The Devil, to that fucking dust.


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