Her Cheek In Starlight


Ellie is asleep, curled into my chest, her cheek in starlight.


               That sweet face catching the kisses of galaxies, of moonlight.


               I feel her fierce, Fae heart beating in her chest, proud, strong.


               She has highborn elders, angelic light, a beautiful, holy song.




               I can’t sleep as easy as she does, the swirls of black hole force


               Pulling out the light, into the abyss of my hatred’s deep source.


               The stars that orbit Ellie’s galactic center, the light of my grace


               Are being pulled and distended, by that bottomless, cruel place.




               She is so effortlessly a child of the heavens, of The Most High.


               She is a North Star, a guide in the darkness, An Angel to defy


               The Red Dragon, who pulls down the stars of hope and devotion,


               Who unleashes a tide to drown all tenderness in bitter, dark emotion.




               Her starlight radiates, her fierce Fae heart powers the light pouring free,


               And I, like the moon, soak it up and redirect it out, giving love thoughtlessly.


               I sleep into peace and sleep, holding onto the one I adore, protect and cherish.


               And my I be like her, an angel in the sky, a guiding star, after I from this world perish.





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