Song Uncoil

It’s so loud on the street, It’s so bright in the lights of the night.

The traffic and the crowd and construction and the flashing lights.

You sit by the door of the Chinese Restaurant curled in a ball,

Your head wrapped in your arms, as you breath fast and shallow.


I kneel before your, put my hands on your arms, and sing to you,

That soft song of your angel crush, to call you back from this pain,

From this crushing noise and overload and the roar of this world.

I sing that song, and your breathing slows, and you start to uncoil.


And you look up at me, eye to eye, your own eyes wet with tears.

I smile, and meet your gaze, and keep singing, and then you smile.

You smile and I pull you into my arms. We walk on down the street,

Your head buried in my side, and I sing, keeping this demon world away.


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