The Tower By The Sea

There is only a tower, standing now by the sea.

               Grey and washed out, forlorn against blue sky.


               On the clear mornings, on the cold, bitter nights

               You can hear the howl and cry in the dark calling.


               The fishermen captured the mermaid, butchered

               Her and made her a meal, hoping to catch her magic.


               Her merman husband howled into the sky above

               And called down the storms and the rains and waves.


               The people cried and wept and were washed away,

               Leaving nothing but the tower behind when sun arose.


               And the men in ships, and the people from other towns,

               See the tower ruined and alone, and remember what came.


               They remember and respect the life and magic of the sea.

               They remember and fear the anger and wrath of the waves.


               And where the tower stands, in the morning, in the endless nights,

               The merman howls and cries for his love who can never return his call.


               His love that is forever lost.


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