The Sweet Fire of Hell

Bring down the lightning, the storm, the heavenly and starlit fires.

Bring the madness that remakes the world in it’s own howling rage.

Bring me the fearless lust for life I knew when I was young.

She was auburn haired earth goddess, ample flesh to lose yourself in.

She was the North Star around which I guided myself, wanting her sex, passion.

She was the fire I stoked for it’s flame were sweet in it’s pain.

I can make the skies open and the devilish grace that is withering night.

I can make the stars fall into my hand, and cast them into the union of flesh.

I can make the moon scream her secret name for everyone to hear.

She…..was……once. What have I burned or worshipped or built in ages since?

She was once……a lover, a queen, the only drug I needed when words came easy.

She was once……a dream, the ample flesh that swallowed me to remake me, iron on the forge.

And the first raindrops smack my face, and I smile, as I bring the demon of all my ages.

I bring him in spite and fury and a boundless love for the living things that draw blood.

She is somewhere else, but I have an angel in the sky, that I have made with the iron she broke.


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