I Can Run To Heaven

The forest is cool and damp in the fog,

the bluish smoke a gossamer veil over

dead and burned out trees, tiny flowers.

I know The Devil is after me, coming here,

and I do not know the way To Refuge,

by the silver waters and cold, grey mountain.

I run, run and run. It’s what I do. What I know.

The scams and the awful choices and her leaving.

I ran kinder forests when I was 17, still a child.

Just keep moving, I hear his harsh breath,

and clipping hooves and smell his stench.

I can run forever. I can run to Heaven.

Commandant had the evidence. Another had

the receipts of needed things for a quiet night.

Mom and Dad didn’t know. If I make it, they never will.

The fog welcomes me like an overeager lover

and closes around me like hungry flesh of that lover,

who wants your skin to be their skin, all as one.

The fog welcomes me, and I know it is The Devil’s

friend and The Refuge is near the running water

and I can find it, to rest and plead my sorry case.

Just keep moving. I can run forever. I can run until

the daylight rips the fog away, like a mask from a demon,

or the lying smiles of that cold heart that said: “I Love You.”

Just keep moving. I can run forever.


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