Joan In Mid-Air

Cara is making love with her current boyfriend in the other room.
Joan levitates in the moonlight, touched only by starlight.
Eons of innocence has ended, and Cara is free and easy.
Joan can touch those stars, and know the day of judgement.
Still, her heart wants things, touch, passion, a lover mad and brave.
Joan in midair, tries to push these thoughts away, but they are her.
Joan sees God in the spinning ballet of planets and stars,
and in the hunger of insects, and the blood on her sword.
Cara sees God in passion and grace of a tender lover,
and in the tears that come at the end, for they always leave.
The war is calling to her, cracked ribs still bandaged,
eye still covered and not healing, tired and stiff as steel.
The fight is the thing. The fight is all. God is in the fire.
God may be in a carnal Eden for Cara, but not her, not now.
The stars are perfect and without voice, and they speak to her,
as Cara and her beau finish, and fall to pillow talk, and to sleep.
They speak for another speaks through them, of what is yet to come,
and how she will win this war by being burned and taken to the sky.
Cara and her beau are sleep, not innocent but foolish, but free too.
Joan floats above them, watches them, so untouched and yet so broken.
She cannot understand her, or the others, or those that make pretty dreams.
The fight is the thing. The fight is all. God is in the fire.
She lowers herself to kiss Cara’s head, genuinely and with love, despite everything.
Doctors orders be damned, she had to go, God had an awful fate for her.
And it would make her beautiful and shine forever.


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