Swallowing The Moon

She looks like another girl,

another girl I’m drawn too like

a black hole in the sky,

swallowing the moon every night.

Small chest but a beautiful ass,

long dark hair, out of fashion glasses,

and the edge of vinegar in their smiles,

sting, but low level venom is so sweet.

Another night, fish sandwich, tea,

watching her go, slinging beer,

chatting us at the bar, smiling bright,

but we’re a means to an end.

Home is a lonely room, browsing Reddit,

maybe sorrowful ballads on YouTube,

maybe make  another picture file for a pretty actress,

distractions, a weak sugar before sleep.

So I milk the vinegar from her fangs,

for all it’s worth, for all it’s bitterness,

for all it’s sighing dreams, for all I adore.

Swallow the moon whole babe, there’s another one waiting.

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