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So High, So Bright


Weight Reassuring

Long Vespa ride,
Mountain tourist town.
Her weight, soft parka, hands around me.
Calming in the cold. In the grey morning.
The wind is a hissing whisper.
Still people around.
Changing leaves. Christmas time.
Red and yellow leaves so bright.
A little boy smiles at her.
Shyly hides behind his mother’s leg.
We go in the aquarium.
Dim and blue, the water of the womb.
Womb of the ocean we were born in.
Womb of the fang, hunger and light.
We hold hands. Weight reassuring.
Mermaid swimmers at noon.
We sit close. She is momentarily childlike.
Just happy in innocent fun. Wide eyed.
The mermaids have bright tails that sparkle.
The mermaids blow kisses in heart shaped bubbles.
Ice cream after in the food court.
A chocolate cone. Her favorite treat.
We talk of being between two worlds.
Water and land. Love and fear. Heaven and earth.
She says her wings are growing back.
We avoid lotuses. Some much day left.
We must be awake while the sun sleeps.
We must be awake, in the fires to come.
She is holding on as we ride through scarred trees.
The hissing whisper has become a robin’s song.


A Place of Dark Magic


Hair blue as her eyes.

Weight of her.

Soft, fluffy parka.

Vespa ride to the park.

Skeletal trees.

Cold, clear creek.

Roar on the overpass.

We smoke cigarettes.

We drink wine.

She shivers.

She pulls her jacket tight.

Night is falling. Stars come.

Wine is poor man’s infatuation.

Cigarettes are bitter almonds.

We sit in swings.

We talk of paradise.

I miss the weight of her.

I wish we could ride to paradise.

Or a place of dark magic.

I drop her off.

We hug. We shiver. We hope.

November may stay this year.

Hope a pimped out whore.

Hope may beat it all yet.


Morning Is The Gift of Light

Walking through The Fort on my way to work,
coldest morning yet this fall, wearing my heavy coat
instead of my soft and comforting hoodie.
The sun is just shaking itself awake, sluggishly, tiredly,
trying to shake off sleep, the lethargy of the nighttime
and light our way down here again.
Rebekah, a brilliant poet friend, is on my mind, my heart.
I hold onto the tender thoughts she brings, let the rising sun
and my adoration of her light my way in a roiling world.
Love, when the world is burning, and heaven looks away.
Be a star amidst the flames, light instead of raging heat.
Rebekah’s words echo, and she and the sun show the way.



Rachel, Rachel, I’ve got Ecclesiastes in my satchel, bad shit in my head.

I can’t find peace in this world. I can’t find a quiet place to lay myself down.

I looked to you when I came out of the night, I followed you like the North Star.

I still look to you, but faith is broken, impossible. The church door read “Icabod”.

Crosses don’t cast out the demons, not mine, not the ones pointing guns.

Crosses sharpened, the guns point at us, the fucked up, the not in line.

Rachel, Rachel, Jesus gave you a soft, tender soul, but their’s are sharp.

If love is gone from them, if death comes for us, what did I ever believe in?

Rachel, Rachel, I stand in the middle of Henley St. Bridge, the cold wind calming.

The mermaids here were hunted to extinction. The sweetwater fouled forever.

They just use, they just abuse, they just make excuse for innocence stolen carelessly.

Was their God ever your God, was there even a light from the eye in the cross?

Sink down to the cold sidewalk, back to the edge of the bridge, wind breathing.

Rachel, Rachel, they failed you, and I have failed you, and no one cares at all.

A goddamn smoke might have once calmed me, but not even hymns call angels here.

Rachel, Rachel, I have no hope of light winning, of us laughing in heaven, in the light.


Sea of Tranquility

I sit in a swing, watching the house burn, the house where we were children.

Slowly push my self back and forth on tired legs, to dissassociative to care.

I’m watching myself, the orange flames ripping open the night on my face.

I’m a tin dime angel, addled brain almost touching heaven, which the flames reach.

I know you’re up in the sky, the eye in the moon, the listening dish, Sea of Tranquility.

You have that pilots clearance and the love of all that’s holy, good little princess.

I might have gotten something in my mind from kissing your older sister, a tumor.

I’m like neither of you, neither saint or demon, just at a loss for who to breathe in.

The house burns and I don’t care, not even my revenge gives me any feeling here.

I still float, brain damage and alcohol making me float, far away from you, in Tranquility.

The ashes always become embers, and I can never be free, my demons are invincible.

The Raptors are scrambled to take me to hell, still better than being a drone like you.

Still I have the name of love carved in my belly, without your name beside it.


Rebekah and Death, Smoke Break

The death angel said hello,

tapping on my car’s window.

She also bummed a smoke,

and of you and me she spoke.

A chain book store, cold night.

She said maybe it was still right

to dream of you, better than

the lingering rage at a Jesus Man.

Thin, gold rim glasses, black hair.

Rebekah you have a halo to despair.

You have a smile I made an a prize.

A dirty needle of greed, no surprise.

The death angel makes a joke rhyme.

Her cold, soft hands inspire my crime.

The night is endless, for you I ache, empty.

Walking on the highway, you just tempt me.


Collecting Her Winnings

The gunshots stopped hours ago.

The fire alarm is silent now.

The sickly, angry florescent lights

shine on into the dark, cold spring night.

The Death Angel collected her winnings,

the souls to take to Charon and to Hades.

The bodies still, killed and killers,

blood innocent and blood profane

mix in the flat, grey carpets and tiles

and the well kept grass out front.

They all sleep together this night,

in silence and quiet, excruciating peace.

The wind from the high mountains

is silent in it’s passage through the town.

The tall grasses on the edge of suburbs

bow dumbly, like so many prayers of strangers.

Tears are shed, so much loss, so much waste.

The dead sleep, but the living dream.


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