Tidings of Light Before the War

There she sat, Death, drinking a beer on the stoop, not a care in the world.

It was summer in New York, a tiding of light before the war, Death watching, amused.

No lamb blood to smear on our doors to make her passover, all would fall this time.

She watches a young couple walking hand in hand, she watches children play in the park.

She watches a chronic bachelor smoke and read a military thriller, imagining glory.

She watches a girl who is waiting anxiously for a boy, a boy who stole her heart.

She drinks her beer, looks upon all she will reap soon enough, all we throw away.

Diffident and distant, she cares not for this world; This is just a 9 to 5 in heaven.

But we will care, when all our vanities burn the world to ash, no lamb blood to pass us over.

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