One Comfort

Maisie watched the stars, laying on her worn Batman beach towel in her backyard.

They were beautiful and bright, but distant, their light cold by the time it reached Earth.

Maisie disassociated, looked down upon herself, and felt the stars pulling her up, stars as silent and disinterested as God.

All among them was emptiness and sterility, no other eyes looked up upon them.

Maisie could wander the planets and moons for eternity, and never find another heart, another soul.

And from up in the sky, she saw all the black hate and cruelty stoked for gain, for what is a tribe without an enemy?

Godliness the blackest cruelty, pretty words that amount to jack shit. There’s always an Godly reason to kill.

And all the blood spilled and to be spilled, all that is yet to come, when the universe was silent but for us.

Between heaven and earth, Maisie saw that no glory or love or dreams survives in humans’ bitter hearts.

Maisie falls back to herself, goes inside and calls her love, their soft voice and warm heart the one comfort left.

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