Let Us Hold Hands

The night is quiet, just before dawn.

The clutches of stars above twinkling.

The lights of the city across the lake

Are a golden crown on a vapid king.


We sit side by side, you and I, radiant,

As silence is now an old friend, tender.

Silence so long in coming to brokenness,

To silent lips and bitter, prayerful hearts.


The war on a foreign shore, the betrayals,

The blackouts, the breakdowns,

The loved ones lost,

Loved ones who left.


The demons that scraped our souls

And blotted out tbe light and the sky.

Tonight we are radiant, and stars,

One by one, bow to kiss our heads.


We’ve fucked, and fucked others, careless.

We’ve been skin that touched to take.

We’ve been pleasure sickened in repetition.


But silence has welcomed us tonight,

And the stars are our court, we are holy,

We are radiant, light and love shining.

We are in love, we are bound in light.


Let us hold hands, simple, caring,

Like when we were children,

Like when we were sunlight and grace.

Let us hold hands, true and vulnerable.


Let us hold hands. Let us heal.

The stars are our court in silent night,

And they come down, one by one,

To kiss our heads.


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