Emily was in the woods, the bright yellow sunlight turning a softer gold, now it was the end of September.

Emily was bright and sweet, last days of pale blue dragon t-shirt, before time for bright red hoodie, fae close again.

Emily walking among those tall and silent trees, she on the edge of leaving dreams that all was eternal.

Emily was 17 and brave, finding solace in the quiet and the wild animals and the babbling brook, it’s cold water.

Emily loved these little woods, away from the bustling and loud town, all the hurry and stress she did not want.

Emily believed she was queen of this forest and its protecting angel, but it was slipping away, believing it eternal.

Emily, did she see the queen of the fae, did she take her hand and walk with her underground, beneath the hill?

Emily, did they offer you eternity, the forest yours for all time? Did you stay so things would never change?

Emily, did you drink their rich wine and eat their sweet fruits? If had only been a handful of seeds, you’d return in spring.

Emily, I waited that night outside your family’s house, until they called the police, not knowing where you were.

Emily, I’ve waited all these years for you, we all have, a half life and a grey fog on our eyes.

Emily, I’ll wait for you forever, I’ll welcome you back from the underworld, welcome you back to this faded world.

Emily, I never dare go in that forest.


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