We’re on the road, your arms clasped around my middle as I drive the motorbike south.

It’s 3 am, still sweltering and warm, the road wide open all the way to Key West, to the endless and hungry sea.

We’ll find a preacher man to marry us. After all these years and all we’ve done, we see each other now, face to face.

We’ll see the ocean endless and terrifying before us, and take in its grace before it swallows the world.

In our hotel room, made a sacred place, we’ll make love pure and true for the first time in our worn age.

In the morning we’ll go the beach, and hope the mermaids favor us in honeyed light, to show their harsh faces.

All these years, all these sorrows, and now we are at peace and are one, finally whole after eating the apple.

Finally home again.


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