Welcome Home

I am back now, from that dark time and place.

I long for you to welcome me, to touch my face.

I wait, sitting in the lawn, twilight in bitter November.

Faith and the falling sun, a vanquished, fading ember.


I just have to go to the door, and knock, to be let in.

I have in your love all the angels I could ever win.

But the echo and emptiness linger in inside me now.

If I have not your faith, how can I ask for a wedding vow?


The cold is soothing, the wind blowing my face flush, raw.

Of this world and the way it runs, their is no hope and no law.

You have faith in a god of light that’ll wipe away all our tears.

You have faith in a god of love, who in the sky our prayer hears.


The cold howls me about, as it goes dark, the stars a bitter light.

The stars we kissed under before I went to that dark place of sight.

I have no faith, and it’s better to hurt with the truth, than hold a lie near.

I love you, and your faith is real, but in my secret places, nothing is dear.




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