Therefore Frail

The museum was made up for Christmas, with white lace and white, sparkling lights and bows and wreaths and the giant, glowing star above the grand staircase.

The lights were still on, even as it was all burning, even the air itself catching flame, and the two lovers wanted one last dance.

Two young lovers, among the Satanism and the grace of all the creatures of the world, the history of life and all the great extinctions.

A sentimental and reverbing love ballad, a cocoon of sound like God embracing them, as they hold each other close and sway.

Human, therefore frail, and stronger than angels.

The fires consume all that ever was. It was our destiny from the eating of the apple. Freedom means all must end.

It is all bright and all white, among the two lovers holding tight to one another, here with everything that ever was.

This grace even in loss, love made lights in the darkness of the world, and they will all be stars in the sky, so if anyone else comes along they can see we were here.

The two lovers kiss, and as the air catches fire in their lungs, and their flush is made cinders, love stays, and they become lights in the night.

Human, therefore frail, and stronger than angels.

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