The Dead Will Never Hurt You

Cemetery in a cold January, the beginning flecks of snow, no stars or moon.

The stone angels, the little lambs on children’s headstones, glisten under the

streetlamps, on the four roads that pass by this place.


Lilish pulls her navy blue coat tighter, her blue and teal beanie farther down

over her ears, feeling the chill even through all of her layers, all her tired body

can do to warm itself.


So late, and so cold to be out, but her mind is troubled, and this is a peaceful

place, and the dead will never hurt you. The living seem out to harm you, for

any reason at all.


Lilish walks and looks at the monuments to those now gone, at the dates

marking their coming to the world and their leaving at, at the bible verses

and tributes carved into stone.


Her cheeks are flushed, but her mind seems to calm, and their is a beauty

even in the cold and wet and the dark of night, and in keeping company with

those now lost.


The Bible says God will wipe away every tear, and that night will be no more,

and that we’ll all dwell with God forever. Are these people’s tears wiped away

now, are they in paradise?


Lilish turns back to look at her house, and sees that the light is on in Joseph’s

window, that he is working again, like her not sleeping, too restless and keyed



Lilish love’s her brother, but it’s getting harder and harder to talk to him,

to feel close to him, something between them. She talks to Chris, her best friend,

but he so eager for her love, it’s off putting.


Wiped away tears and God being close forever and the sun evermore in the sky,

will we finally all see face to face, and understand perfectly, and forgive all?

Are these dead finally free of the weight of this world?


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