Friday Night, Spring

Friday night, spring is here. Warm again, after a bitter winter.

We eat our meal together, talk and laugh, feel alive.

Try not to think of what we saw on the news.


Hand in hand in the picture show. Stealing kisses.

A romance stronger than all the darkness in the world

unfolds before us onscreen. Are we strong enough?


Walking to the subway station, we look to the sky.

It’s open, without stars. And we see nothing flying through.

The world’s on the edge of the end again. What can we do?


The end of the night, time to go home, catch our trains back.

One last kiss. One last moment for love. The world may burn.

We say “I love you.” We say it for real. The world may burn.


Mom and dad glued to the TV. Still on the brink. Still fucked.

Stupid dickheads playing chicken with the world. What can I do?

My lips still hum with that kiss. Love still fills my heart.


The world may burn.

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