A Cocoon of Thunder

A sweet women’s voice, a joyful song, as I lay in the dark.

Earbuds in, swallowed by the sound, a cocoon of thunder.

I try to dream of love, of a better tomorrow, like I once did.


I’ll be up all night, trying to soothe myself with her music.

I want to hope the girl who’s won my heart loves me back.

I’m afraid to hope, because I know she’ll also leave me behind.


In the dark, and with bittersweet melodies, I can touch an angel.

And that angel will smile upon me, and she’ll touch my face.

I’ll be a heartful of love, a child of light, until the morning comes.


The sunlight’s creeping up, a slit of orange, a deep navy blue sky.

I dream of the girl who’s won my heart, try to imagine a future.

But people sell themselves to Satan to make a buck, and time is gone.


A big house out in the country, surrounded by forests and rivers.

Me and a wife I adore, a houseful of animals and kids and laughter.

But the world is burning. No returning. I still want love and a future.


I have to take out the earbuds, get dressed, face this whole waking world.

The lights slips away with the day, when I can’t wrap myself in my dreams.

Let be light in love in a dark world. Let someone come to my life who’ll stay.

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