Behind Stone Walls

The city, hot and built of hard things, crowded and moving fast.

The young woman, A saint of sorts, in that she was love so vast.

A little menagerie in a walled in back yard, with a tall, bushy tree.

Sometimes the scent of the salty breeze, blowing in off the near sea.


Her name Amber, found a place of peace there, animals to care for.

Sitting there at night, watching stars, hearing waves crash on the shore.

The salty breeze, reminding her of when she first saw the ocean wide.

Knew God was the sky and the water as one, and she could not hide.


She went one day to get a lamb, to bring him home as her very own.

The lamb, her spirit in flesh, to hide away in her place behind walls of stone.

She walked on those crowded streets, holding the lamb close and dear.

Out in this world, this bright city, she was ever unsure and full of fear.


And she was taken away, by a man who feasted upon innocence, a dark thing.

Took her apart, and left her in those ocean backwaters, as his demons did sing.

The lamb stayed beside her, weeping, as the morning came, as things went on.

The lamb, brayed and cried, but the girl was up in the sky, her life forever gone.


And the menagerie and the wild plants and those stone walls, are softly sad.

The lamb sleeps under the dark shade, other animals defer to closeness he had.

What is Eden without hope of the children it nourished, who kept the garden well.

What is Eden, if the innocent who stayed there, blameless, are left to this world’s hell?


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