Maisie was at her favorite restaurant again, on a Friday Night, getting her club sandwich. It was slow and quiet for a Friday Night, and she was glad for it. She’d been on edge all day at work, one of those days were she tried to keep smiling even though she felt as if her brain was on fire. But she was here now, and Lauren was here to greet her, and Kiernan had ran up to her and given her a big hug, and had talked her ear off with her latest enthusiasm, with all the joy and freedom a young child has.

Kiernan adored Maisie, always giving her hugs and talking to her and wanting her attention, to the point Lauren would shoo her away when Maisie’s food came. Maisie wouldn’t have minded eating her food while listening to Kiernan, as mystified as she was about why Kiernan was so attached to her, so loving, so quick to seek her out.

Maisie hoped she was a good example, always giving Kiernan her undivided attention when Kiernan came to her, trying to never let herself become impatient or short tempered no matter what she was feeling or what she’d been through before coming through the door. And she hoped to not impart any bad habits, or do anything to dim Kiernan’s light and innocence.

Maisie was perhaps not the bible believer she’d been raised to become, but she remembered Jesus’ words that it was better to be thrown into the ocean with a millstone around one’s neck than to cause a little one to stumble. She took a warning seriously, for she never wanted to cause a child to stumble or become corrupt, or doing anything to dim that pure love and kindness that so easily was lost, and so quickly was lost.

Maisie ate her meal, and felt her mind calming, and the grip of her demon loosen and drop away. She belonged her. She was family here. And she hoped she could be an angel for Kiernan, like the ones who’d be angels for her, when she was still innocent.

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