All Night Drive-Thru

I drive to an all night drive-thru,

Wishing for dreams to come true.

Dreams of sleep and wonderful dreams.

A night when my mind no more screams.


I’ll be tired at work, and out of my mind.

But I can’t find rest, all things falling behind.

Anger fills my thoughts, impotent fury.

Disgust and fear come like a January flurry.


I think of her, and all the love she gives.

In her eyes, she sees the God that Lives.

I see only death and a broken world burning.

There is no gold flakes of hope for discerning.


Alone in my room, dark violent music playing.

I understand all the curses they are saying.

The Devil always wins, always corrupts the light.

I would not be at peace, even if she was holding me tight.

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