Gwen I see in the lab, intent and focused, lost in thought.

I don’t talk to her, while I go about work, keep my head down.

That strawberry hand santizer can’t be escaped though,

and it makes me think of her skin, of her touching me.


Don’t look her in the eye, just go on, keep out of sight.

I hear her singing quietly, some sappy and popular ballad.

I think of her loving me, of us riding off into the sunset.

But I’m just a tech, and she’s going places, has a future.


I don’t steal glances, don’t look at the sun, too much light.

She is writing, pipetting, mixing in the incubator, doing it.

I just do my nothing busy work, unable to chase away

all thoughts, all the desire, all the hope I have for her.


She leaves, surprises me by saying goodbye.

I look, smile, tell her goodnight and be safe.

She smiles and walks out into the lab, the night.

I can breath easy, let the monsters slip out.


She can’t see any of it now.






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