God’s Highway

My car’s a beater, but it holds together, it will get us there.

She has the passenger seat set all the way back, wide awake.

Sun roof open, she looks up at the sky full of stars, and dreams.


Just the headlights on the long and empty highways, sky wide open.

It’s wonderful that God’s eye is on us. It’s terrible that God’s eye is on us.

Nowhere to hide, our hearts naked and shivering, under all those stars.


She watches the stars, and we hope they’re angels watching the world,

not Michael and his army amassed to wipe all this madness away forever.

I squeeze her hand, calloused and cool, knowing we must keep moving.


Highway, headed west, to where others are waiting, a beleaguered hope.

So many stars, and she could make their light into dreams and prophecies.

We cannot hide from God beneath this wide open sky, all is there to see.

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