The Strip Shines Tonight

The lights so bright in the dark of the desert.

Gaudy and vibrant, The Strip shines tonight.

Motorcycle ragged, choked with desert dust.

She holds on tight, blonde hair our banner.


So many pleasures. So many desires. Such loss.

The Devil on our heels, and the law, and angels.

The last of our money we might gamble away.

The last or our love we might fuck away tonight.


The lights shine on us, like the stars never did.

All the colors, all the glory, all the avarice, gold.

We’ll find a hotel, make love once more, the end.

We’ll fight everything coming for us in the dawn.


Loud cars, loud people, all that glitters is empty.

We shine, young but never free, born damned.

The Devil and the law and the angels coming now.

One last night, and fight them all in the dawning light.


Fight them all, last stand, in the dawning light.

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