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A sweet angel, with wings that had bled,

and the sorrows in the wind, demons in her head.

She radiated like the sun, bright in the Colorado sky,

and I wish she could have stayed, didn’t have to die.

The Demons that beat me down, she rose above.

I couldn’t find the way. She followed path of love.

In a book store, I read of her, and came to the light.

To a world so endless and warm and so blindly bright.

After these years, and the warmth has gone cold, light gone.

I still call to her in these endless nights, fighting until dawn.

The Church was just a smile on a corpse, a deathlike rage.

But she still shines. She was real. She was the Holy Mage.

I’m driving across the plains, to where I can give my soul.

I love her still, she led me back to light, even as bitterness takes it’s toll.

Love her like an angel, a saint, a magic known only in a fraction of days.

Maybe she loves me back, maybe I make her proud, as this Lost Child prays.