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She’s A Surfer Girl

She’s a surfer girl, and she’s  been out all day

in the golden Hawaiian sun, a goddess,

a vision in distant blue waters.

I come now, end of my shift, as the sun

goes low, already drinking a magnum

of red wine

as she sits out there, in the velvet light,

sitting on her surfboard, looking out

into the sea.

One last wave, as she turns away from

the horizon and it’s secrets, madness

and glides, one with the water.

She comes to shore, and I offer the bottle

as she sits down next to me, takes a swig,

still looks out into that dark ocean.

“What do you see?” I ask, taking the bottle.

“The God That Made The World.” She says,

“But The Devil is coming very near.”

She sighs, takes the bottle and a swig,

gives my shoulders a squeeze, than leaves

with the bottle and any hope for tomorrow.