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Lustful, Youthful, Perdition

An old picture, 1995, sophomore year.

She is in a lacey and big, white dress,

with black stockings and Converse sneakers.

Her light brown hair is a short, spiky, pixie cut.

Her dark eyes have the fire of lustful, youthful, perdition.

Her lips pale, unadorned, and set against the world.

That long ago afternoon, that first warm, bright day,

March, on her birthday, skipping school to have fun.

Catching a movie. Walk and talking and scheming.

The park, with only us, and a mother and her toddler,

far away. We sat by the creek, passed cigarettes.

Ate some snacks we brought in my backpack.

Just a simple day, with a girl I loved, without a care.

The air and the sun and the sky were weightless.

School, and that we’d have to return tomorrow, not on us.

Driving me home, a song played that said all I felt for her.

She was not in love with me, but I was honored to be with her,

to be her friend, to share a day like that, floating to the sky.

All these old feelings coming back, all these bittersweet hurts.

Hadn’t thought of her in so long, she who was the queen of my hopes.

I don’t know how it all turned out for her. Where she is now.

I look at the picture, from when everything was on fire and bright,

when it all seemed possible and so close, and magic was in every spring,

and all you needed was love, and a kiss, to open the gate to heaven.

A Small Bed in a Small Room

A small bed in a small room, the bright and harsh August sun

spilling in through the thick cream curtains over the window.

It hot, sweltering in this room, but we clutch each other close,

still under a thin blanket, our prayers made in our silence, dreams.

A pocket universe, a hiding place with a ring of salt around it,

keeping our demons out for the moment of our still embrace,

an angel taking mercy on us puts down his flaming sword

and we rest in the quiet and the honey shadowed afternoon.

I kiss your head, and you turn to kiss my lips, brush my cheek

and then we make love, in the heat and the shadows, and are one

flesh and one spirit and one dream, and are like angels, or Adam and Eve,

when God was everywhere before their eyes, and no demons could corrupt.

And as night falls, we dress in loose, large shirts and pajama bottoms

and make a simple meal to share, and then sit on the front porch,

the plain so wide open and nothing hiding the Milky Way, God’s eye,

from us as the night falls, and the most sacred procession begins.

Happy Birthday

It’s almost spring, a chill in the air,
but the sky is bright again,
and the first buds are on the trees.
It’s my birthday.
I ride my bicycle by the canals.
I’m going to my friends house.
She has a present forĀ  me.
It’s my birthday.
She’ll wrap it in pretty paper.
She’ll wrap it in a big, red bow.
The present chosen with care.
It’s my birthday.
She’ll be waiting for me.
She’ll be smiles and love.
She’ll wear that teal dress.
It’s my birthday.
And we’ll share a cupcake.
Sit and watch tulips sway.
We’ll talk, enjoy each other’s company.
It’s my birthday.
It’ll be a perfect day.