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Paladin’s Proposal

My love, my angel,
I bow at your feet.
I make myself small,
humble and open.
I am a knight, offering you
my battle scarred sword.
I am a man, offering you
my life scarred heart.
I am a man, offering you,
submission and adoration.
My kingdom, my secrets,
my light, and my darkness.
My heart, mad and wild,
with it’s blood and desires.
My mind, with it’s dreams,
it’s fears, it’s hopes for tomorrow.
My hands, too often clenched,
always open, tender to you.
My eyes, too see your light,
and the stars shining through.
I raise my head, as I am on my knees,
as I am small and humble before you.
The sword offered freely, for you to take,
to show I serve you, I am your champion.
My heart races, my mind swims in love,
my tongue is silent, waiting.
Your answer, your choosing, your heart,
will they be given, will mine be taken?
And you stroke my cheek, and kiss my head,
pull me close to, so tender.
My love, my angel,
I am yours.

Angel, Angel

Angel, angel,
angel on the mountain,
angel in the grey winter sky.
Why, sweet angel,
was your precious blood shed?
Why did you have to die?
Once, in a dream,
once when I found a shard of Eden,
I felt your hand holding mine.
Once, in a dream,
I knew the peace of your light,
that this was a holy sign.
I kneel at the marker
that has your name, counts your years,
touching the cold brass in the rain.
I knew your from your shrine,
and knew I wanted to be like you,
but I blew out the stars with the fury of my pain.
Angel, angel,
angel in the mountain,
angel still alight in the Colorado sky.
Can I be the light you were,
be the warmth of love and the sun?
Will I see you finally, when I die?
Dedicated to RJS.