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Child of Wonder

Cold desert night, first of August.
The old, metal building rusting out.
This is where he said she came.

The stars have never been so indifferent.
No angels, aliens, anything else coming.
Just bright light left on in an empty room.

“She glowed with inner light!” he said.
“She was a gentle sun and star!”
I remember the love and awe in his eyes.

This gutted ruin was their home.
Here miracles happened.
No light here now.

“She loves you very much.” he told me.
“You are her very own.”
“You are a child of wonder.”

No remnants of them now.
Dad long dead. The angelic woman?
Was she real? Was she only his dream?

No one in the stars. No flight to eternity.
My heart aches looking up, wanting more.
Wanting something I cannot find in this world.