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Sleepy Android Face

She had a sleepy android face,

forlorn of a world more fists

that spirits, more blade than halo.

Her long dark hair was straight,

and the barest protection from

the rain and the gun.

A leather jacket that been through

the war, stiff and dry and hard,

kept her metal and lightning heart

pounding in her thin but strong chest.

The jeans and boots would keep her name

secret from the demons crawling in her skin.

The rain was the empty words of God,

promise cleanliness, but just making you cold.

The demons came in through the eye, even,

especially, for the pious. All youth and tender innocence

to be sucked dry and picked clean, the demons

arming the men goodly for the job.

Her sleepy android face was still, and sad,

and tears of saltwater or maybe glycerin came,

and a warm place was hollowed out in Athena’s shoulder,

that brass statue up in The Fort, were ruin looks on the river.

That warm place, big enough for one, would shelter her.

For demons are in flesh, and the making of flesh for newborns.

Don’t touch, and The Demons can’t get you.


Ice cream blonde, hair bright, a silken halo falling down


over her American Flag bikini top.




She laughs and smiles like a child, writing her name in the dark


with the burning sparkler.




Even know, after it all, she laughs and smiles like a child, so free,


in this sweet moment.




Fourth of July and the sky explodes in color and fire and smoke,


and her halo shines back it’s light.




Independence Day, maybe we’ll be independent of the past,


of mistakes and the things that hurt us.




Declare we are one now, again, and the sweetness will come.


Maybe we’ll make love…




…….really make love, with tenderness and hope and softness,


and actually grow close in a touch.




The sparkler reaches it’s end, and she exclaims, asks for another,


to write her name in the dark again




where it will last and be eternal and kept and cherished by all.


Let this be Independence Day.