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The Scent of a Distant Summer

The Model, young and distant,

bright and in a silver eclipse,

wedding ring.

She sits in the gardens,

lush and bright blooms,

the scent of a distant summer.

She is happy. Coming to light.

The night will be here again soon.

The night of her world.

A spirit, a child, her spirit, running

among the exotic and sweet blossoms,

when she all was day and noon.

A spirit, a child, without a care,

without the tarnish of sin,

hers….or others.

The Model smiles, remembers,

all those games and worlds,

all that seemed within reach.

The spirit fades in laughter.

There is a tender shard in her heart.

She weeps bittersweet tears.

The Garden Hid Her Tears

Her thoughts are glass and without permanence.

They are great towers that crack in hot sunlight.

The gardens were left to grow wild in the summer

and are left to wilt and fade now that winter has come.

Her worn and dirty clothes, once high fashion, haughty,

are now just enough to keep her warm before night fall.

The garden, in the West End, where she was a child,

laughing in her finery, among her parents’ serious affairs.

The garden that was Eden before she knew the story,

before the fruit of heaven bled in her innocent belly.

The garden that hid her tears, from a demon nameless,

that made her heart break with the fantasies in her dreams.

The fine mansions, the fancy cars, well maintained lawns

are all burned out and ruined, the war took it all away.

She sits in the garden, left to it’s own will and devices,

and once again it hides her tears, though she knows why now.

The night is coming, and there’s not enough to keep her warm,

and she cannot claim a dowry or grace, only cleaned bones of excess.

Lost and Innocent Kingdom

The waltz long over, that mournful guitar piece
that through the thoroughly shot speakers in
the shopping mall rink sounded like it came in
from the cold and dark waters of Atlantis.
We were young, before The Devil came for me.
I learned to hold you to the sky, toss you to angels
and together we were one soul on the ice, lost
in deep, dark eyes and the soft, melancholy music.
At the end of the session, we skated slow, hand in hand,
ant then that mournful guitar from the lost and innocent kingdom
would play and I’d pull you close to me, and feel weight of heaven,
in my arms, in your closeness, in the end of the winter night.
The Devil came for me, born with me and my mind, my skin.
I fell away, tormented and mad, a hairless lycanthrope,
as I was taken and hanged from the sky, my thoughts emptying
into the sea, and you had to go one, you had a future.
The waltz long over, those bad days just a muted memory.
You’ve got another to raise you to the sky, toss you to angels,
and you’ve got pride and glory and gold, and I’ve got a mind
that can finally love you again, return to that lost and innocent kingdom.