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She Calls My Name II

The road to the sky, mountains empty and dark, the wind bleeding.

               No moon and the stars are still, the veil of the sky to the earth torn.

               Music full of sorrow and resignation at the coming doom of innocence.

               Soothes me as I drove, not wanting to come, but having no choices left.


               On the sidewalk of the pull off, silence is it’s own terror, it’s own howl.

               The dot of blue light, unmoving, far off but there’s no distance with her.

               Inside my mind and wrapped in the skin of a bitter lover lost to youth.

               Angel’s wings draw tears that the feeds to the demons she made from me.


               On the grass the soul is drawn into the sky, into the wastes of paradise.

               She called my name, a golden sunbeam from softly noon, not tender at all.

               Angel’s wings tear the skin and close the unseen eye, light is a darker path.

               A hand to hold because two around your throat, and she chokes off true love.


               Another face, truer, as I know I was made broken numbers and holy damnation.

               I hold another’s face in my lost dreams, and bleeding memories white from cold.

               But She called my name, and the starlight kills all the chance at a darling triumph.

               She called my name, and hell pulled a true love, to give me to the cruelty of angels.