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A simple day.
Buying milk, raking leaves.
A simple dinner shared.
Walking in the snow.
Hand in hand.
Breath misty white.
Friends welcoming us.
The laughter.
The warmth against cold.
You held close.
The tickle of long hair.
Salt of your skin.
All the heaven I ever want.

My Head In Her Lap

My head in her lap.
 The TV playing on and on.
 Blues shimmering on walls.
 I don’t have to worry now,
 worry about tomorrow.
Half heard jokes, late show.
 Idle chatter about this or that.
 I dream my lover is queen.
 I drop my tears on her feet.
My head in her lap
 as sun breaks open the night.
 She fell asleep too,
 her thin hand resting

on my cheek.

Morning, and she is here.
 I don’t worry about today.
 She’ll be going to work soon.
 Pull it all together now;
 I’ll be going too.