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Outside The World

Emma and me, outside the party, outside the world.
The night is warm in the first of September, clear, open.
We talk as if we could still walk among the stars, like children.
We talk as if the world never fell, and paradise was still here.
 She lays her head upon my shoulder, and I kiss her head.
Her hand holds mine, and we are warm, clean, like Eden.
She turns up her face, and I softly kiss her lips, taste the apple.
Her hand on my face, such sweetness became the fall, forever.
 The sky is filled with stars, and the moon moves wild tides.
She hung her name somewhere in Andromeda, for me to find.
Find her name, find the spell dream and desire and lust have cast,
as loud laughter and thumping music betray a perfect night.

Carry Your Banner

A knight on a quest,
in my pure, shining heart,
to carry your banner
and win the day.
 The demons, dragons,
bad spirits that have come,
I will draw my steel
and fight them down again.
 Find the treasure
that will give life again
and the gold that could
make us free.
 The night is dark,
cold full in the wind,
but I am brave and strong
for you, my princess.
 And I’ll come home,
worn and scarredd,
but smiling brightly,
carrying your banner.
 For if I can do all this,
if I can defeat the challenges
and the demons
and find what was lost.

I can win your pure heart.
I can be at rest in my soul.
And I can lay down my steel,
the war finally over.